Oil and Gas

Failures to oil and gas pipelines can have severe environmental consequences and cost millions to rectify. That is why safety regulations governing these pipelines are becoming more stringent and visible.

Regular inspection significantly reduce the risk of failure while extending the useful life of the pipeline asset

For the pipelines and plant piping make sure that you have had the most accurate pipeline inspection available. Validating the quality of the welds and moving forward with the project insures your company’s ability to be efficient and profitable on each pipeline project. Our highly qualified and certified inspectors will help ensure these results. Periodic pipeline inspections are also a necessity of the pipeline industry and Qi/TUV AUSTRIA has the expertise and equipment to handle all of your inspection requests.

Our experts provide a full range of services including facility, pipeline and vendor inspections. In addition, we have the capabilities to provide unique or highly specialized inspection services to meet your specific needs

Numerous clients count on our inspection services to ensure that their valuable assets are built safely and to their specifications, maintained and continue to operate effectively over time. Our experts are trained in the latest inspection processes and technology and have in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry In addition, our personnel are kept up to date with all compliance and regulatory requirements.

Qi/TUV AUSTRIA offers inspection professionals qualified in an extensive range of classifications that include, but are not limited to, the following

Lifting equipment Testing and Inspection services by a high qualified and certified LEEA inspectors including but not limited to the following: