Amusement Parks and Playgrounds

32b4765e45f53d3340abed1cc6af5584Safe playground and recreational equipment should fulfill the following criteria:

Amusement park rides inspection for safe fun

Our mission is to prevent injuries, protect property, and save lives of individuals using amusement attractions in the Kindom through an on-site competent and professional inspection.

We provide the inspection services necessary to ensure your rides comply with quality and safety regulations.

In order to provide thrill seekers reliable high-velocity attractions with death defying drops, twists, inversions and corkscrews as well as to ensure that kiddie rides are in good condition and operating properly, manufacturers and operators of amusement rides and other attractions or temporary shows must make certain that safety standards are met, monitored and maintained.

Extensive inspection and verification to ensure safe and functioning rides

We provide you the expertise needed to conduct the appropriate testing, inspection and support services mandated in regulations for amusement rides. We actively work toward accident prevention to help you raise park visitor and investor confidence in the quality and safety of your structures and equipment as well as lower your risk of liability. With our support, you can make sure that you meet all the stipulated requirements of the Directive of Temporary Structures and state building codes.

Inspection and support services for temporary amusement structures

Our comprehensive portfolio for amusement rides includes a range of services to support manufacturers and operators of structures and equipment used in stationary parks as well as yearly state fairs or seasonal local carnivals.

Prior to first operation, we provide you:

Subsequent services offered throughout operation include testing and  If needed, we can also prepare evaluations and expert reports on your behalf.

Our technical reach and high quality standards for amusement rides

Manufacturers and operators of all sorts of amusement equipment and structures may rely on our experts to provide appropriate and complete safety testing, inspection and verification. Our scope of technical support includes services for:

Qi/TUV AUSTRIA provides test for the static analysis of temporary structures and a thorough inspection.

Our inspectors perform following activities on regular basis:

Lifting equipment Testing and Inspection services by a high qualified and certified LEEA inspectors including but not limited to the following: