• QI/TUV AUSTRIA the Reliability Assurance

    ضمان للموثوقية


Qi (Saudi Industrial Inspection Services Co. Ltd) is developed organically to serve the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Automotive, Aviation, Railways, Marine and Ports and other sectors to help them better manage their assets and infrastructure as per international standards. The scope of this entity is third party inspection agency to assure quality and safety conformity within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and offers the following services:

  • Vendor Inspection (TPI, QA/QC Surveillance, Source & Site Inspection).
  • NDT (Tanks, Pipes, Pressure Vessels and Boilers, Plants Shutdowns).
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification.
  • Aviation Ground Operations Inspection Services.
  • Power and Generation Life Assessment Services.
  • RBI Inspection
  • Engineering Design Review
  • Amusement Parks


Oil and Gas

Failures to oil and gas pipelines can have severe environmental consequences and cost millions to rectify. That is why safety regulations governing th...

Petrochemicals Industries

The Petrochemical Industry produces chemicals using oil and natural gas as major raw materials. This sector has become a strategic pillar of the civil...

Power Generation

In the highly specialized and demanding environment of power generation, Qi/TUV AUSTRIA 3rd party Inspection & Testing services lead the way with ...


Rail inspection is the practice of examining rail tracks for flaws that could lead to catastrophic failures.Track defects are the second leading ca...


Qi/TUV AUSTRIA has a long and well established reputation for providing a first class, reliable and responsive third party inspection and non-destruct...

Marine (Offshore)

Qi/TUV AUSTRIA provides structural steel and piping inspection services to the maritime industry. We have extensive experience acquired throughout ple...

Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

Testing of Vehicles and Components  Inspection of vehicle modifications (wheels, tyres, undercarriage, annected parts, steering wheels, etc.) Sound e...

Amusement Parks and Playgrounds

Safe playground and recreational equipment should fulfill the following criteria: Necessary structural integrity and stability No dangerous traps and ...

Economic Cities (Infrastructures)

The growth of economies has resulted in market demand for energy, refined products, chemicals and consumer goods. Additionally, rapid urbanization in ...